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Bleach is Love

...where the addicts and the horou play

Bleach Is Love
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Greetings Bleachers/Bleachites/Bleachophiles/Bleachoholics! This community is dedicated to the awesome anime Bleach and the manga it was based off of.

Here at 'Bleach is Love' our mission is to share our thoughts, opinions, fanart, poems, fanfics, icons, pictures and any and all good things concering Bleach! Talk to your hearts content and please feel free to use as much japanese as you please!


~This is an open community, please make sure all material is marked with a correct content-based rating! (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) What kind of story/pairing can we expect? (Gen, Het, Yaoi, Yuri, OT3, etc) Please mark whether your story or picture is work safe or not as well!

~All large items must be posted under an lj-cut like so: "< lj-cut text = "blah blah blah" > STUFF GOES HERE < /lj-cut>" just take out the spaces between the first bracket and the text.

~Please feel free to use foreign languages in your posts, especially japanese! I would ask that you don't use 'l337' or 'n00b' speak though, if you MUST then please keep it to a minimum.

~NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Some of us don't read the manga and we don't wanna know what happens next or we haven't caught up with the anime series yet and prefer not to be spoiled. Please clearly mark all spoilers and put them behind an Lj-cut! Doumo!

~Advertisements for other communities and selling of Bleach/Anime related products is allowed, just make sure you follow the content rules.

~There will be NO WARS amongst the members. Please treat each other with civility and respect. Remember, the golden rule is your friend!


Yo! I'm jesscheaux (But you can call me Jess or Shady) and I decided to start a Bleach community because I enjoyed the series. I'm 26, live in the states in Southeastern Louisiana, I'm currently working towards my Bachelor's degree in English with minors in Creative and Professional writing. I STILL work at Academy Sports and Outdoors, but only because they're paying for most of my school tuition XD. My biggest obsessions are Hellboy and my panfandom action figure photo comic ParAbnormal ^_^

Favorite Bleach character(s): ICHIMARU GIN! I also have a soft spot for Chado and Tousen-taichou, AND SOI FON is the cool!

Hi, I'm Amy koibito_moon I'm 26, I live in Canada.

Favorite Bleachcharacters: ABARAI RENJI!

more later. end now.


quincy_papa LJ community for Ishida Ryuuken.
whitedeathberry Character community for Hollow Ichigo

More coming soon! Please e-mail us or leave us a message on any MODPost if you'd like to affiliate!

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